Tony Boothroyd
Property Management
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Tony Boothroyd Real Estate is a dedicated property management agency. It's Melbourne portfolio extends to a 40 kilometre radius of the CBD and take in a variety of residential, commercial and retail properties. There is also a growing number of interstate properties. Due to the number of properties being managed, and efficiencies which can only be gained from 40 years experience in property management, Tony Boothroyd Real Estate is able to offer an exemplary level of service on a scale of fees below that of similar agencies.

It  aims to maximise the benefits of an asset for a client, while simultaneously minimising the client's involvement. It's  adherence to strict accounting procedures is unique amongst agencies of comparable size, and has been one of the main reasons for the recent spectacular increase in its property management activities.

Tony's innovative approach to property management resulted in his agency being the first in Melbourne to be fully computerised in 1980.